Modern roman religion practices

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Modern roman religion practices

Postby Octavius Pompilius Valerianus » Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:51 am


I have been in this group for a bit and I have enjoyed from what I have learned. I am currently attempting to learn more about the modern practice of the roman religion. I hope that someone can give me advice on how to best start. I have figured out how best to create larium but what gets me are prays and when.

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Re: Modern roman religion practices

Postby Gaius Florius Aetius » Mon Jun 18, 2018 2:31 pm

Hm, it is way too much to answer in short. However, I am running to facebook sites, which are involved on the topic:

"Roman Religion Reformists":

And "Schola Aetii", where I give lessons on Reconstructing a Roman Religious Spirituality and Cosmology: ... f=settings

The best next step is, IMVPO

a) celebrate the Kalends and Ides each month. They are easy enough regular dates.

b) I have published a Calendar of all known Holidays as a Note in the Roman Religion Reformist Site. I can mail you a PDF also; they are MANY holidays, so my suggestion is to pick between 12 and 15 in the year which you regard as the most important and focus on doing something on them

This is my personal List of the "Must Do" Holidays I always try to celebrat. I put this personal list together, to have holidays evenly spread over the year, and a balanced approach of different religious concepts incorporated.

9.1. Agonalia – JANUS

27.1. birth Castor & Pollux

1.2. JUNO Mother and Queen

1.3. Matronalia, JUNO AND Birthday MARS

14.3. Mamuralia Shield Festival of MARS

17.3. Liberalia - Bacchanal

19.-23.3. Quinquatria MINERVA

1.4. Veneralia – VENUS

28.4 - 1.5. Ludi Florales for FLORA & Roman Lares (1.5.)

9/11/13.5. Lemuria Festival of the Dead

15.5. Mercuralia MECURIUS

7.-15.6. Vestalia - VESTA

27.6. Lares & Jupiter as supreme Genius

23.7. NEPTUNALIA, plea for rain

12.8. Hercules Invictus

13.8. DIANA, free day for slaves

17.8. Portunalia, Day for JANUS

23.8. Vulcanalia, VULCAN

13.9. JUPITER Optimus Maximus

23.9. APOLLO

4.10. fasting for CERES

13.10. Fontinalia, FONS
14.10. Penates

19.l0. Armilustrium MARS Weapons

3.12. Bona Dea, festival for women only

17.-23.12. Saturnalia SATURN


c) I recommend finding one or few Gods with whom you seek a personal, closer relationship. Not all Cultors are close to all the Gods in the same way. You may want to get a statue of your personal Gods. I have also written "Finding your Personal God" in the Schola Aetii. If you cant access Facebook, I can forward the text to you.
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