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Plebeian tribune report for 2018

PostPosted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 4:46 pm
by Tiberius Flavius Malleolus
I was elected and acted as Plebeian Tribune during 2018.
Listed below is what, in accordance with the Lex Curatorum: On the Plebeian Tribunes, was part of my responsibilities and how I performed my responsibilities:

a. To represent citizens who they believe are being treated unjustly by the magistrates or the senate.
Any citizens who would need my representation did not contact me.

b. To publically and independent of the senate report a summary of the minutes of all senate meetings.
During my term of office there were no completed senate meetings.

c. To monitor activities and records of any magistrate to ensure fairness and the interests of the citizens of the Roman Republic.
This duty was carried out by me in a proper manner.

d. To summon the Concilium Plebis.
During my term, there were no reasons to summon the Concilium Plebis.

e. To propose and endorse intercessio.
I had no reason to exercise this authority during my term.