Quaestor report for 2018

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Quaestor report for 2018

Postby Tiberius Flavius Nerva » Tue Aug 27, 2019 11:41 am

I am offended by the actions of a man named Camillus, against my province and my fellow citizens from Sarmatia. I do not understand how this person to be a Senator. When people from Sarmatia and our province are insulted - everyone is silent, not noticing the problem, when people from Sarmatia cannot vote, everyone is silent, not noticing the problem. Why in general such an organization, if here people from Sarmatia can be insulted, humiliated, deprived of legal opportunities, our interest groups can be closed ??? We pay taxes for this ???
I will not publish any report here in protest against what is happening, how our rights and legitimate interests are violated, as a sign that I am offended by what citizen Camillus says about our province and our people, remaining unpunished.
I do not need these handouts in view of virtual money, which cost less than air, insignificant numbers.
Given what is happening, I am generally disappointed in this organization, and I regret that I entered here, wasting my time and money on it, receiving only negative in return.
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Tiberius Flavius Nerva
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