Appeal to the Tribunes

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Appeal to the Tribunes

Postby Aula Flavia Philippa » Mon Aug 26, 2019 6:38 pm

Dear Tribunes. I ask you to pay attention to the inappropriate actions of Senator Camille, the content of his message goes beyond the boundaries of the culture of communication, his messages are insulting and aimed not at specific people, but at the inhabitants of the province, this is humiliating. It provokes people to quarrel, this is unacceptable. You see that not everyone is holding back from anger.
I am offended by the words of Senator Camille, but I am not going to answer his provocations, humiliating and insulting words addressed to my compatriots in his own way. I ask you to deal with this, stop its destructive activities, it is not worthy of the title of Senator, it is immoral to insult people on the principle of belonging to any province.
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Re: Appeal to the Tribunes

Postby Quintus Vergilius Crassus » Mon Aug 26, 2019 9:44 pm

Due to the fact that they still have not given me access to the Senate section, I cannot write in the subject line of the Senate session where Flavius ​​Severus did it and express everything that I think about Furius Camillus. Therefore, I leave my message here.
I am outraged by the actions of this person. I believe that the Tribunes should intervene and apply sanctions against this hater and discriminator, it is like inciting hatred on a national basis and unlawful attitude towards a woman. I do not understand half of his gibberish, but he has a lot of abominable statements, this is not permissible:
/what did you do, besides sitting on your Sarmatian derrières crying about Brutus/ - where does our province, this is a deliberate insult to the province, why use the name Sarmatia in this context, naturally, to humiliate our pride.
/A lot of chirping chickens around here/ - It is humiliating to compare the inhabitants of the province with chickens.
/Let’s also remember you fellas controlled 9/10 offices in 2018./ - This is an open, impudent and treacherous box. Camillus lied. What he said, not an evaluative opinion, is a clear statement. Anyone can be convinced of the falsehood of this statement, here: Obviously, this false statement was made in order to discredit the Sarmatians, by lying to denigrate our name. He must be held accountable for this.
/Now you moan like a heifer in heat?/ - Such an appeal to a woman is permissible; this is pure sexism.
/But because Sarmatia was in control, that is why I didn’t participate last year./ - This is ethnic discrimination, the fact that people from our region are negative, only because of their origin. This contemptuous assessment is arousing negative feelings towards a group of people on a national basis.
/Republic was paralyzed by a flood of inactive Sarmatians/ - this is another lie, designed to descredit people on a national basis. If the Sarmatians are to blame for the problems of the republic - people from eastern Europe who, as this person says, were inactive, then why the second part of the government - people from North America who were inactive, are not accused of this person. This is discrimination of pure water, ethnic hatred.
/You want us to use our treasury to pay you to do them? I’m guessing you want it in USD rather than rubbles? Who do I make the cheque out to? You or Severus? Does it matter?/ - This false accusation of the Sarmatians of living illegally embezzle money from the Republic. It's outrageous. Intentionally discrediting a whole group of people.
/Alba attempting to send the ever vigorous Sarmatian Priapus to give his full girth to our Republic on a regular basis./ - it is an inappropriate use of the name of our province, derogatory for the province, and its citizens, including, in fact, because it refers to the sexual context. In addition, given that it is written for a woman, it clearly has an unworthy, sexist character.
In relation to this person measures must be taken. He crossed the line.
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Re: Appeal to the Tribunes

Postby Tiberius Flavius Nerva » Tue Aug 27, 2019 11:20 am

Wow! This is a surprise. Another hater of the Sarmatians. I told you a long time ago, these international organizations, a waste of time, just a talking room, we must deal with our internal affairs. This is not a mutual activity, this is a one-goal game. Our province does not receive anything from interaction with these organizations, we pay taxes, and what in return? They insult us, scold us with bad words, how much can this be tolerated? I gave my money so that some inadequate person from the other side of the planet cursed me and my friends? A waste of time and money. I am disappointed. If I knew before that it would be so, I would not become a member of this organization.
And about this inadequate, I think it is necessary to do so. You need to ask Alba or Severus to give him some incriminating evidence that they have, and then every time this slanderer and hater Sarmatov writes his messages on the forum or somewhere else, to publish this incriminating evidence under his messages, with all the muck, what he wrote. Let people know who they are talking to and what kind of person they are. It will be a worthy answer if it is not punished. Let him know how to lie about us. If the leadership of Sarmatia allows me, I will be happy to spend time on this, but I will publish his words everywhere, about which this man forgot, and if I do not have time, I will ask our other brothers and sisters.If he is not punished for his words, and this problem is simply hushed up, then we will leave this business just like that.
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