Election of a Co-Veterani Legatus Legionus

The purpose of this colligium is to establish a group for those citizens of the republic that are currently serving or have served in the uniformed military service of their home country (this means real, actual military service as opposed to reenacting) for networking, socialization and brotherhood. Additionally, we understand that no organization of veterans is complete without their family members so we invite the loved ones of veterans to join and extend a welcoming hand to those that reenact the honorable and mighty legions of Rome to join our ranks. | Join at: http://romanrepublic.org/civitas/joint_ ... rani%20/40

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Election of a Co-Veterani Legatus Legionus

Postby Marcus Minucius Audens » Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:04 pm

I now wish to introduce myself as a Candidate for the Mandated Position of C0-Veterani Legionus.
The aspects of my suitability for this advanced Mandated position are as follow:
>>>> I had a very large part in establishing this Collegium in the beginning;
>>>> As a tempory -appointed leader of the Collegium before the previous mandated election I provided several contributions as well as letters to the membership asking questions in regard their desires as to what they would like to see in the Collegium;
>>>> I was elected to the position Of Tribune for the Collegum and continued to contribute articles and reviews to the collegium. All of the contributions and reports can be found in a list with the Veterani listing in archives.
>>>> Other officers in the Veterani Collegium have contributed significantly less to the collegium.
>>>> My proposed plan for the Collegium Veterani would be as follows:

**** Provide a contribution to the collegium at least once a week during my three year tenure;
**** Propose a periodic request to all members of the collegium as what the material desired;
**** Select contributions to cover all military aspects of the collegium as possible with my knowledge and research;
**** Assist as required or requested all other officers elected in the Veterani to complete their duties as determined by the by-laws of the collegium.

Very Respectfully Submitted;
Marcus Audens
Tribune, Collegium Veterani;
Praefectus Castrorum, Collegium Miitarium;
Quaestor, Provincia Improvement;
Proculator, Provincia, Nova Britannica.
Marcus Minucius Audens

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