Io Quirinalia Feb. a.d. XIII Mart

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Io Quirinalia Feb. a.d. XIII Mart

Postby Publius Sextius Laevus » Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:09 pm

Salvete Cives

Hodie, Feb. a.d. XIII Mart, feria Quirinalia est.

There is much available on the internet on this holiday, but here post one site I came across:

With February being the month of purification, and March being the old beginning of the new year, it would indeed be fitting for us to remember Quirinis as part of the Roman Founding story as we reflect on why we joined the and how we may act on that desire.

There are many Roman internet venues in which to endlessly browse. Facebook draws us along into a plenum of related posts until we find ourselves lost among unrelated topics. As Seneca wrote in his second letter to Lucilius 'Nusquam est qui ubique est.' - Nowhere is which everywhere is. What is of the moment is lost in the next.

Our Forum is Primus Locus Centricus. The conversations, that happen over time, are held together by a norn thread that endures to be picked up through time.

Ubi vero quoque equidem esse. - Where truly actually for my part to be.

Come to the Forum Cives, speak your heart and your mind. Spin the thread of life.

Pone sententias et argumenta, pereat qui vultu-volumine curat:
Mors aurem uellens 'in foro uiuite' ait, 'uenio'.*

P. Sextius Leavus

* postquam 'Cope' a appendice Vergiliana
'Fiat Lux! Fiat Vita!'
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