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The Works of Emperor Julian

PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:11 pm
by Lucius Curtius Philo
Salvete Omnes,

I am about to embark upon reading The Works of Emperor Julian. Some here may like to know that this three-volume book is freely available at

I recently read Murdoch's, The Last Pagan ( ... =8-1-spell). This book explored Emperor Julian and his views extensively. Fascinated, I am looking for more primary information.

It would be excellent if the Works of Emperor Julian improves my understanding of both Julian and the Cultus Deorum. Has anyone here read the Works? Did you find it fulfilling from a spiritual point of view? I subscribe to Neoplatonic thought, surely this book will be useful from that prospect. If you did read this text, did you incorporate any ideas into your practice?

Valete bene!