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Request of exemption

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:47 pm
by Titus Flavius Severus
Severus Cen. sal.

In accordance with the Edictum Consulum: Establishing Co-Leadership of Collegia, stating that

XV. The Roman Republic Treasury collegium, magisterial collegia and all provincial collegia are exempt from this edict.

i. Any collegium belonging to an outside entity or any religious collegium have the right to submit a request of exemption to the Praetores, Consules or Senate. In this case, both Praetores, both Consules or majority of the Senate must approve for the exemption to become valid.

I ask Praetores to exclude our collegium - Cultus Mithrae, from the list of collegia which should have two leaders. Only one leader is possible in the Cultus - Pater Patrum.

This request should be granted for the following reasons:

1. The presence of only one leader corresponds to historical authenticity. Will there be two Pontifex Maximus in Collegium Pontificum? No. We also wish that our collegium as much as possible consistent with the historical realities.

2. The Pater Patrum is a very important position, having a sacred significance. Choosing even one Pater Patrum - a complex, important process. Find even one worthy candidate - good luck.

3. We do not want to be customized or forced to do something. If we need two or three or more leaders, then we ourselves will make a decision about it. The –°ollegium has enough officers posts that no one wants to borrow.

4. Historically Mithraists community is a self-governing organization, so impose to us alien hierarchy, forced the introduction of the new structure is the interference in the affairs of our Collegium, an infringement on our collective right to self-organization and self-regulation, which, in my view, is unacceptable.

I hope that you will take a wise and informed decision.

Valete bene,
T. Fl. Severus

Re: Request of exemption

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:44 pm
by Marcus Flavius Celsus
Salvete omnes!

After examine of situation and all historical evidence, I don't see any troubles with approving this request.

Collegia "Cultus Mithrae" has all necessary requirements for compliance with the status of a religious collegia.
Also, interference into the affairs the Collegia, will be a flagrant violation of the fundamental principles of our Declaration.

The Res Publica Romana is committed to the restoration of Roman culture and religion as it existed in antiquity. Due to the passage of time we acknowledge that the exact restoration is not always possible or desirable. This is due to the societal changes which have occurred over time and fragmented evidence preventing an identical restoration of ancient practices. Keeping this in mind, the Res Publica Romana pledges to restore Roman culture and religion as accurately as possible using the best available and reliable academic evidence.

As Praetor Urbanus, i approve with request.

During the procedure of approval, we also need Praetor Peregrinus Caeso Cispius Laevus approval to make final decision.


Re: Request of exemption

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 1:29 am
by Lucius Aurelius Curio
Curio Sal.

After speaking with Consul Philo, we have agreed to am exemption to this edict. However, the exemption goes as follows. There will be one Pater Patrum, as per your bylaws. However this individual will need to be elected or else you're in conflict with your own bylaws as being leaderless.

Secondly, you will need to elect an administrative leader for having on file as a backup leader when needed. They do not have to be part of your religious hierarchy, merely someone we can contact for administrative purposes.

Do you find this exemption an agreeable compromise?

Valete Bene!

L. Aurelius Curio

Re: Request of exemption

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:50 am
by Lucius Curtius Philo

We can make everyone happy here.

You need to understand why this edict was issued. It was issued because many collegia were dormant and one person controlled too many with near absaloute control. This edict is issued to improve the collegia. If one person is away a back up is around. This is important. All other collegia have had much success so far in adopting this edict.

Now I also hear what you are saying. It's a good argument. I have no desire to regulate how this cult works or develops.

I just need two names of people who will be responsible for representing this collegia to the Republic. You can call these people whatever you want. We just need two people who will take on the internal legal responsibility for the group and any denarii that gets placed in its account.

Beyond this I have no interest in telling this Collegium how to arrange its affairs.

I look forward to seeing your research and development of this cult. I hope it becomes more active in the months ahead. It certainly has the potential.

So with this in mind. Review the compromise made by my colleague, Consul L. Aurelius Curio. Let's work something out for the good of our respublica and Mithras. I think we can all appreciate each others mutual concerns and satisfy them. Right my friends?


Re: Request of exemption

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:53 am
by Appius Iunius Seneca

I put my humble opinion abut it in Cultus Mithrae under topic "Elections as requested by the Consules".
Please read it - I do not want to write the same things two times.

Re: Request of exemption

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:41 pm
by Titus Flavius Severus

Consules Philo and Curio, I'm glad to hear that you have made an exception to our religious collegium. Pater Patrum will be elected in accordance with our bylaws. If you need any other name, it would be one of the members of the Concilium Patrum, which will determined by Pater Patrum.

Valete bene,
T. Fl. Severus