2018 Report as the Procurator (Governor) of Raetia

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2018 Report as the Procurator (Governor) of Raetia

Postby Paullus Aemilius Gallus » Tue Aug 27, 2019 10:33 pm


As I said in my application message, I had neither contact nor relationship in the reenactment and romanitas world and I had to start from scratch.

1. Contact my fellow citizens. (it was easy, they were only 4!). To my surprise, 2 answered me and one was motivated and wanted to be active. I could convinced him to apply for a magistrature (Quaestor, Comitia Tribute, Session V). Unfortunately due the time difference, he logged in too late, 1 hour after the deadline.
This point may look quite pathetic and the effort really small but I spent a lot of time discussing with this member just because I rather prefer one active citizen than 20 inactive citizens.

2. Create contacts and promote the RR
End of November 2017, I have created a Facebook page to promote the Raetia and the RR.
In 2 months, I got more than 200 likes. It’s not much but I remind you that my goal was to reach above all people from Switzerland and Austria. Not the worldwide!
In December I could post a new message almost everyday. Each of my posts reached up to 2500 persons. These results exceed my expectation. It was not enough but it was also just the beginning.

3. Create contacts in the reenactment and romanitas world.
I tried to get in touch with a few reenactment organizations in Switzerland and Austrian.
I had a promising discussion with the leader of one legion in Switzerland (Legio VII Augusta).

Beginning of February, due to the lack of activity on RR, I stop performing the function of Governor. I didn’t see the point of spending my time trying to bring people to an empty shell.

As you can see, I did not exemplarily fulfilled the responsabilities assigned to me. I worked only a little more than 2 months as Governor and spent a lot of time for finally nothing.

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