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Question to the Sarmatians and others interested in developing local groups

PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 11:17 pm
by Publius Iunius Brutus
Brutus Sen Sal.

As part of the development of reforms taking place. there is a discussion about the creation of (I) Academia Minervalis course on local community development and (II) a resource package for those interested in developing local groups.

I would be interested in hearing your ideas around these topics?

What would such a course cover? What would be helpful as part of a resource package?

Re: Question to the Sarmatians and others interested in developing local groups

PostPosted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:28 am
by Titus Flavius Severus
Salve et salvete,

Brutus, amice, we deliberately did not write anything about it in order to follow the reaction. And the reaction was what we expected. Apparently, the excitement of the past weeks has subsided, and the overall activity has returned to its previous level. Everything was expected.

The topic of the technical component for our community is not as acute as the topic of changing the fundamentals and principles of the functioning of our Republic, the treacherous disbanding of communities unilaterally. Perhaps this is all you need to know about our opinion regarding "resource package for those interested in developing local groups". (=

Nevertheless, out of the benevolence inherent in us and wanting to somehow dilute the general apathy, we at least draw attention to several important points:

1) If you want to develop the general functionality and the Academy, then you really should do it, and not just recite it, then you need to recognize that the audience interested in Roman history consists not only of English-speaking people. Accordingly, instead of working like any other community in an English-speaking field, and often with the same groups of people, you need to look for approaches to communities that are not native speakers, offering them their unique content in their language. Therefore, it seems appropriate to consider the "language" issue. It is necessary to translate texts, basic regulations, decrees, manuals, guides into other languages. Including all the content of the Academy. The first such language is Russian (in our opinion). In 2018, we wanted to invest in money transfer, but you Brutus did not leave access to the funds, so we could only talk about it, but there was no means to make it happen. (Although we do independent translations of individual documents all the time, this is a drop in the ocean, but here we need a systematic and integrated approach).

2) It is necessary to transfer the forum to a more modern engine. The current forum engine is primitive and old, it simply does not include a part of primitive text formatting functions. Since you are fighting for online activity, and the forum is its focus, the need to transfer the forum to a new engine is more than obvious. In addition, the functions of modern forums will be useful if you are going to attract non-citizens to participate in the forum. Personally, I would consider the phpbb engine.

3) Personally, I would advise finally correcting problems with two citizens of Sarmatia before proposing something in technical terms ... a significant part of Sarmats was disappointed in you and the project, only because a serious problem was not solved with your arrival.

These are our proposals for global issues that we think are worth paying attention to. Given the evolving practice, we better see what will happen with these proposals before wasting your time and offer some other ideas.

Vale et valete,
T. Fl. Severus

Re: Question to the Sarmatians and others interested in developing local groups

PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 11:29 pm
by Quintus Furius Camillus

Why don't you or did you do something about it Severe? You were a consul. You are a senator. You are a director.

I find it very strange that you scrutinize Brutus yet you're fundamentally his equal within this institution. Flabbergasting stuff.

In communicating with Brutus, I'm pretty sure every suggestion of yours is actively in progress being implemented at this moment. Any other ideas or advice?


Re: Question to the Sarmatians and others interested in developing local groups

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:29 am
by Publius Iunius Brutus
Brutus sal.

Thanks for the input. The forum may be quiet but a ton of work is taking place behind the scenes with multiple stakeholders. This represents a substantial investment for our future materially for this organization.

I agree online communication can be improved. In this message, I will attach some demo images that show the work in progress making this happen. Some further details are located here viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2404&start=10#p12679.

The academia will be active. We have a very solid project underway towards this ends. This takes me to my original question. What information needs to be conveyed in a course that helps train local leaders for the RR? And what other resources should be supply these ppl tomorrow realistically. I ask this as such a training course is going to be developed as part of the new Academia relaunch this late spring / early summer.

Re: Question to the Sarmatians and others interested in developing local groups

PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 8:11 pm
by Titus Flavius Severus
Honestly, it is sometimes surprising to me to read what you write. Sometimes you seem to me to be a person who appears as rapidly as disappears, while you treat what happened in your absence as if it were not at all, or at least before asking questions, not even bothered to find out what happened in your absence. I understand that it is possible and necessary to ask questions, but sometimes questions can seem rather inappropriate, in particular, as now, because the answers to them are obvious, as something that goes without saying for a person who at least minimally maintained his social activity inside the Republic during crisis, watching what is happening.

But I will spend an hour of my time, in order to answer in English what you could easily learn in your language, show at least a minimal interest in the life of the Republic ... by your example once again convinced yourself of your opinion about the institute of the tribunes with consular authority ... oh well, and so:

Quintus Furius Camillus wrote:Why don't you or did you do something about it Severe? You were a consul. You are a senator. You are a director.

1) Content translation. You are amazingly inattentively reading. I wrote about it, but I am ready to repeat it. There are several languages ​​into which to translate content. One of them is Russian. We, Sarmatians, on our own initiative translated a number of documents. The issue of organized translation rests on money. We have been working on the issue of allocating money from the budget to pay for the translation of the main part of the content. But no matter what decisions were made, what we did and what posts we held, and whatever ideas we offered and solutions, all this was insignificant and made no sense at all for one reason ... Not a single magistrate , no senator, no director, no one including me had access to the funds of the Republic ... that is, the treasury was unavailable for us ... why? ... because before his disappearance, Brutus did not bother to leave access to the whole Republic and government, to the treasury of this very Republic, it simply disappeared with access to all our common money.

2) Change the engine. Well ... I don’t even know ... it’s ridiculous for me to write it, because I thought that there’s nothing to explain here, because everyone knows that. I will start with the common phrase: “When Brutus disappeared” ... and so, “when Brutus disappeared”, and “Laenas” disappeared before it, it suddenly turned out that we did not have access to the technical part of the site and forum, we had they could not even give access to the newcomers to the forum ... by the way, this killed all the activity on the forum, because for a whole year new citizens could not get access to the forum ... do you know why? Because "when Brutus disappeared", he did not bother to leave us access to the necessary technical tools ... we, the magistrates, in the literal sense of the word "thrown" to the mercy of fate ... persistent attempts to get through to Brut and Laenas did not give anything, for the answer was silence (=

3) 3) Problems with two citizens. This is a sensational story. In short: two citizens cannot vote in elections for more than a year due to technical problems. This was known before the disappearance of Brut. The problem has not been solved until now. Their rights are violated, the situation is not fixed. Republic of Sarmatians declared a boycott, only some of us are still active here. This is a blatant situation ... however, it is not in a hurry to solve it, it makes some Sarmatians think that they are second-class citizens in the Republic, because their problems are not solved. We ourselves could not solve them, because without access to the technical tools that Brutus deprived us of - it was impossible. This is also one of the reasons for the decline in activity.

Quintus Furius Camillus wrote:I find it very strange that you scrutinize Brutus yet you're fundamentally his equal within this institution. Flabbergasting stuff.

I would answer with the phrase: "When Brutus disappeared"... But I'd better say that no one has ever been equal to Brut, because Brutus actually has access to money and a forum site, he is actually the owner of the project, and we are everyone else, just a crowd in his project ... this has shown lately .. Celsus and I were thrown out of the magistracy posts in the CCu, therefore it was necessary to free these places for more loyal ... But who cares, everybody silently missed their attention ... (=

Quintus Furius Camillus wrote:You were a consul.

Hey, do not rush things like that, future tribunes! The status of the consul will be deprived of me only after ratification by the СС ... so just wait, because everything is already predetermined (=

Re: Question to the Sarmatians and others interested in developing local groups

PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:54 am
by Publius Iunius Brutus
Brutus sal.

Thank you again Severe for your responses.

I would like to address the issues raised for citizens and stakeholders are not left thinking these issues are trivial and ignored.

(1) Content translation - This is a challenge for any international group. But it is important. There are two ways in which I think this should be addressed. One, is technology. The new system that will be released in the next weeks provides an automated translation of most languages using the same translation engine as used by Facebook. Not perfect but a step in the right direction. Most pages of the new site will automatically be translated in this manner. Regarding funds, access to the PayPal account should be open to directors of the organization collectively. These funds are legally protected by Canadian law (the place this organization is incorporated) as the property of the organization. Last year access to these funds was delayed as required paperwork (identification papers of directors) enabling access of these funds was delayed. Philo, the other person who historically had access to these funds also sadly died last year. Now that all directors seem to be present this matter will be rectified for no one person ever has sole control and we can increase accountability. This all said, the corporation just filled tax paperwork and the CC which includes yourself Severe, can see the expenditures and the fact that our account grew over the last 12 months. So that is a silver lining. We are in the strongest financial position ever as of today.

The second-way translation should be addressed is through the community efforts of non-English speakers. Celsus, a Russian speaker now is co-webmaster (aranearius). So this is a step in the right direction. But the new system released in a few days will make this process even easier. With a single login, any citizen will be able to add pages in any language to our wiki. But we are going further. Every citizen in a few weeks will be provided a blogging platform intigrated with their citizen profile which allows more communication. Furthermore, any magistrate will be able to log in and edit any page of the main website for restricted content. The system is designed with a word-processor-like interface so no programming skills are needed.

These factors, automation, and easy mannual translation should improve non-English communication.

An automated system for rewarding citizens who perform this work has also been designed. So credit will be given. :)

All this work is actually finished as of today awaiting the launch of the new RR platform.

(2) Access to tools - I agree. I do not want to be solely responsible for the RR. No person or group should have such a privilege/burden. We have already appointed a co-aranearius. Last year Victor and Philo were the other citizens that had universal admin control of the web site and financial access respectfully. Sadly, their unfortunate departures reduced the redundancy present to just me.

However, the directors do control our bank account as of today. The new system being built will make administration of the RR much more automated and robust. Volunteers should have a much easier time assigning admin roles and access. And global admin privileges are no longer in the hands of one person and never again will be.

(3) Technical problems with voting - certainly unfortunate, but the other issues (1) and (2) obviously impacted the ability to resolve non-purposeful technical issues. We are about to hold another election in two weeks. The old voting system will be used (the last time it will be). If citizens have any issues voting then Camillus (the rogator of the coming election) has been instructed to make alternatives available. The directors will monitor this situation carefully to make sure this happens.

Severe, you know I respect your past service to the Republic. But it is very easy to cast stones. The reality is that we are all trying our best. A bunch of citizens are trying to work together to patch up holes and improve things. I think several issues have been patched already. And I would love to discuss solutions and plans about addressing remaining concerns that have not yet been addressed. Anything other than this is really not helping us continue to grow for tomorrow.

Severe you hinted as being thrown out of the CC as a Lictor? This is not the case. You and Celsus are both Lictores today. Your name was passed over as director of the corporation after we could not obtain your updated mailing address (a Canadian legal requirement for filling our tax papers this past March). This was the only reason this was done as the CC waited until the last moment for your updated information. Waiting for a longer period would have delayed our tax paperwork and cost the RR money. So the present makeup of the board of directors was simply a logistical reality for tax-related reasons. If a director position was needed tomorrow I would certainly consider nominating you. :)

The attached image is an example of the new automated translation system in action. Not perfect - but a lot better than nothing... Most languages are to be offered.

Re: Question to the Sarmatians and others interested in developing local groups

PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 5:31 pm
by Quintus Iulius Symphorianus
Severus, you might be a sliver more successful in propagating your views if you were able to post messages that aren't dripping with pride, arrogance, and disdain. Either help or get the hell out; your smug and self-righteous bullshit is not needed.

Re: Question to the Sarmatians and others interested in developing local groups

PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:00 am
by Procula Valeria Messalla
Let's forget the past; what is important is building tomorrow. Good to read that finances are in order and that a new website is in the works. As a community of Romans, not only Sarmatians, I hope we reflect and then become better. No one that held office in T. Flavio (II) P. Iunio (II) cos is innocent from error.

Let's talk about how we grow beyond this and pick up the banner of our ancestors.

As a wise Roman Emperor named Marcus once said, "Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”