Current Situation in Nova Roma and what it means for us

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Current Situation in Nova Roma and what it means for us

Postby Gaius Florius Lupus » Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:37 pm

Salvete Quirites!

There is a new development in Nova Roma. The former dictator Cn. Julius Caesar and co-leader of corporate NR has renounced his citizenship. This means corporate NR is dead and only non-corporate Nova Roma, which our Republic has an Amicitia with, continues to exist.

In his renouncement Caesar made a very important observation:
The "insurgents" have advanced an issue that upon examination I agree
with them over. Namely that this Board of Directors appears not to be
properly constituted. In short, Maine does not allow for an appointed BoD,
only elected directors. This structural flaw has it seems been present
right from the date of incorporation years ago, but now it is identified it
has to be dealt with.

In fact the same applies to our corporation. The BoD (Comitia Curiata in our case) was appointed, not elected.
So the question is: Do the same rules apply under Canadian law as in the US state Maine? If this is the case, then our corporation is illegally constituted.
The other imminent question are:
  • What is the current state of the board of directors (CC)? Who is active, who is not?
  • Who will make this year's tax declaration?
  • Who will pay the hosting fees for this forum? Until when have they been paid?
If these questions are not addressed, we might lose all the assets of the Republic and remain with nothing more than the Facebook group.

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Re: Current Situation in Nova Roma and what it means for us

Postby Lucia Hostilia Scaura » Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:59 pm


The board of the Roman Republic cultural group is elected. The structure of the corporation is the following;

Director (Lictor Curiatus Magister) are elected by Class A members (Lictor Curiatus). Legally under the corporate bylaws Class A members are voting members in any member's meeting of the corporation (Comitia Curiata meeting). All non-lictor members are known as Class B members from a corporate perspective. They are non-voting members in any member's meeting (Comitia Curiata meeting).

Unlike Nova Roma, the Roman Republic non-profit corporate structure is trustworthy and has been reviewed by lawyers.

The Comitia Cutiata and board (Lictor Curiatus Magister) are working. It looks like the Comitia Curiata is meeting in a few days. Our corporate taxes are all up to date. Web hosting has been paid.
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