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Postby Tiberia Salvia Alba » Wed May 16, 2018 4:08 pm

Some silence, which took place by the citizens of Sarmatia Magna, was caused by the debates that erupted in the Provincial Council. Nevertheless, the Council by vote passed its decision, which I now inform all citizens.

The reason for all of this was the situation when two citizens of Sarmatia Magna, solely on technical issues, are unjustifiably deprived of the right to vote for a long time. Soon there will be almost a year as this problem exists. And it does not dare, that is, every time elections and elections are held, two citizens are struck in their civil rights systematically.

Representatives of Sarmatia Magna many times paid attention to this problem. We made warnings, even put an ultimatum. However, the problem was not solved, in addition, no one even started to solve it.

Taking into account the above, the Provincial Council ruled that Sarmatia Magna is moving to a civil protest, which will be expressed in the fact that the citizens of Sarmatia Magna will boycott the resources of the Roman Republic until the problems we have named are fully resolved.
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Re: Statement

Postby Quintus Iulius Symphorianus » Thu May 17, 2018 10:56 pm

This would presumably be an issue if the non-Sarmatian bits of the Republic were functioning at even a basic level.
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