Rome is the future!

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Rome is the future!

Postby Gaius Florius Aetius » Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:48 pm

Ave, my friends,

let me take this opportunity of the upcoming Saturnalia to talk about the importance to be Roman. Now this may sound like a strange topic, for those among my friends who already are Roman, they may wonder, why speak in favor of what is natural to us? And for those who are not, it clearly will sound like a weird thing? Why should I want to be Roman? Did the Roman Empire not fall over a thousand years ago?

Yes, my friends, once I thought like this myself, and it was at first not zeal that made me Roman. But now more than ever, I became convinced adapting the Roman Culture is one of the best solutions for many and the great issues our Western Civilization is plagued by, and I hope to make some valid points to you.

First, I joined one of the Roman Groups (the Roman Republic) about two years ago, and back then my main interest was the traditional Roman Religion, and at first, I did not really focus on any of the other, broader aspects. As some of you may also know, I am a political philosopher, writing and blogging here in Germany about a broad topic of issues. So the problems, large and small, are very keenly aware to me here in Germany, and similarly those of the Western World. Our once homogeneous societies have past, and whatever side you take in this, one thing can hardly be denied: it makes living together extremely difficult, and puts a dent of ever growing fear and distrust between people. Society has for many reasons atomized in ever smaller sub groups: that of ethnicity, of politics, of various sorts of identities. Many live now isolated, cast entirely on their own, and the common cultural ground has been eroded. I do not think I have to explain that such an atomization and splintering of society does not bode well.

However, that is exactly where the Roman Idea can come in!

Rome is, doubtless, the root of all our Western identity, and the common ground of ideas whereupon we all stand, and the root of the great ideas to which all people who love and respect Western Ideas aspire for. Sometimes, the answer to the future lies in looking to the past! Rome had managed to create a common ground for many people, many ethnicites, believes and cultures, and none who became Roman had to leave his former identity behind, nay but he added the Roman identity just on top, and so gradually the regions of Rome became variants of Rome, and over time grew to be more and more Roman.

Religion, namely the Christian faith, which was for so long the common ground of the West, can no longer fulfill that function, for the West is being divided in many religions again, as it has been in the old days, and also in a substantial part of irreligious people. But that too was what Rome once managed to bind together. Rome is the root for both Polytheist and Christians, and also had a secular-irreligious root as well, where a good number of philosophers were not religious at all. The Roman culture and identity is based on civic ideas, and this is exemplified in all the great Romans, from Romulus on, who based Roman Law on contract, cooperation and cultural tolerance, when he united the Romans with the Sabines, over King Numa and his pragmatic, tolerant religious ideas over all the great philosophers, politicians and generals who furthered the idea of a tolerant and open minded civilization that can encompass all of Europe.

And this goes especially to my European fellows. We all know and see that the concept of the European Union has many flaws. It has no common culture, no common language and there is no European identity that lets us grow together. For what should we become? Germans? French? English? It has nothing that excites and makes it desirable. So why not revive something from the past? Years ago it was tried to establish Esperanto as global language, and one of the main issues was, there is no Esperanto identity, culture and almost nothing written in Esperanto. With Rome this is an entirely different shoe. There is rich Latin literature to begin with, it is an elegant language, and it was the Lingua Franca for such a long time, that it would not be impossible to re-introduce Latin as common language in Europe.

It is also, again, a set of ideas to which Christians, Polytheists and secular Atheists can connect to from the set of Romans ideas, and as such could function as something that we so sorely need: bringing people together.

For, speaking again mostly to my European friends for the moment, let us face it: the return to the old Nation States is not a feasible pathway, for more reasons than I could cite. The large mobility, both in global geography, global information and internally makes that not a reasonable way. But then, when common grounds of the Nation states are slowly fading, we need some idea, some common identity which again binds us together, which has a good name and which is not occupied. Now while Rome is still a living city and of course the esteemed Italians have the great respect to be the descendants of Rome, Italy today is not Rome. So becoming Roman would not make us partial to any living culture or nation state, so it would be up to us to fill it with life, and it could work as a neutral ground on which we could come together.

When I took my Roman name, Gaius Florius Aetius, I admit it felt like a strange quirk, more like giving into the eccentric whim of some weird history freaks. And I understand for some this suggestion of mine may look similar outlandish in their eyes. But over time, the more I chatted with my fellow Romans, the more I read the ancient books, the works of Cicero and Seneca, Plutarch and many others, the more I valued the wisdom, the pragmatism and the great spirit of Rome, and the more I grew proud in bearing my Roman name. Today it has become a firm part of my identity, and I would not want to miss my Roman name for the world. It became an obligation for me to revive the great ideas, by speaking and writing, but first and foremost by giving a personal living example to stand for the Roman virtues in life!

Becoming Roman does not diminish whatever your identity is otherwise, for that is not the Roman way, no, it adds a new layer, it invites you to a new and old common ground, a revival of the best ideas of the Western Traditions. We may yet be few in the eyes of some, but I firmly believe that becoming a Roman Citizen, learning the Roman culture, adapting the Roman ways, is one of the best hopes for our Western Civilization and indeed all who want to adapt our ideas!

G. Florius Aetius
Advice is judged by results, not by intentions.

- Cicero
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Gaius Florius Aetius
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Re: Rome is the future!

Postby Gaius Florius Lupus » Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:05 am

Gratias tibi ago, Aeti!
This is well said. You are speaking lout of my heart.
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