Ludi Plebeii (Plebeian Games) 2017

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Ludi Plebeii (Plebeian Games) 2017

Postby Manius Ovidius Hyacinthus » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:02 am

Salvete! In the coming days, from November 4th-17th, we will be celebrating the ludi plebeii.

“The ludi plebeii (“Plebeian Games”) were an ancient Roman religious festival held November 4–17. The ludi (“games”) included both theatrical performances called ludi scaenici (“stage games”), and athletic competitions for the purpose of entertaining the common people of Rome. During the festival, a Epulum Iovis (“Feast of Jupiter”) was held November 13, a cavalry parade November 14, and ludi circenses (“circus games”), mainly chariot races, were held November 15–17. A pompa circensis (“circus parade”) similar to that of the Ludi Romani is likely also to have been part of the festivities.

The Ludi Plebeii were presented by the plebeian aediles and celebrated plebeian political liberty, but tradition varied as to freedom from what: either the tyranny of the Tarquins in the Regal period, or the dominance of the patricians, the hereditary ruling class of early Republican Rome (see "Conflict of the Orders").”

As aediles plebes it is my responsibility and honor, as well as that of Octavius Aurelius Augustus, to organize and present to you all the ludi plebeii of 2017. We’ve included some information on the history of the ludi plebeii in order to properly provide context as to the background and purposes of the tradition we’re all to participate in. It is a time to celebrate our identity as members of the plebeian class, and a time to celebrate the liberty and political equality our class now enjoys within the Republic. Take pride and rejoice, my fellow Romans, as you are the backbone of our great society. Without you, there would be no Rome. These two upcoming weeks belong to you!

Poetry Contest

The poem must relate to any of the following themes: Rome, Cultus Deorum, Roman politics, freedom of expression, the Conflict of the Orders.

Prize: Ӿ60


There is no greater demonstration, and no greater indication, of political liberty than the exercise of freedom of expression. And there is no greater exercise of freedom of expression than through satire and social commentary. Write a piece of satire, short or long, that demonstrates the political liberty we plebeians are here to celebrate in the ludi plebeii. This can take on the format of a letter, an essay, a theatrical script, or a poem. It can target anything, however it’s recommended that one keeps in mind how satire relates to political liberty and the freedom of expression. Pieces that target modern-day politics or political figures, ancient Roman politics or political figures, or the politics or political figures of our own Roman Republic, would be especially appropriate with regards to the spirit of the ludi plebeii.

First Place: Ӿ100
Second Place: Ӿ50
Third Place: Ӿ25

In the satire contest, only one place will open up for every 5 entries. If 1-5 people enter into the contest, only the first place prize will be awarded. If 6-10 people enter, the first and second place prizes will be awarded. If 11-15 people enter, all three prizes will be awarded.

Chariot Race

Our great thanks to Lucius Livius Seneca for offering to manage a chariot race for the ludi plebeii!

From November 15th to November 17th a chariot race will be hosted in the Circus Livius. To enter the race, message Lucius Livius Seneca as well as myself and Octavius Aurelius Augustus with the information of the chariot you're entering (your charioteer, horses, and their stats or specializations if applicable). To sponsor a charioteer and purchase horses, make the appropriate denarii transfer to the Cohors Aedilicia with a message detailing the transaction. Prices are as follows:

Charioteers: Ӿ40 ea.
Asturian Fillies: Ӿ30 ea.
Thessalian Stallions: Ӿ30 ea.
Scythian Geldings: Ӿ20 ea.
Venetian Mares: Ӿ16 ea.

First place: Ӿ100
Second place: Ӿ50
Third place: Ӿ25

You have until the 10th of November, Roman time (UTC+1), to enter a chariot into the races.

In the chariot race, only one place will open up for every 2 entries.

You must be a member of the plebeian class for any entries to be judged in the ludi plebeii, and to sponsor a charioteer in the chariot race.

Please send any entries as private forum messages to myself and Octavius Aurelius Augustus, labeled “Poetry Contest Entry” or “Satire Contest Entry”. You may also post your entries publicly in this thread, so that everyone can share their creations.

We thank you for your participation, and are eager to see what creative talents the plebeian class has been blessed with. Good luck!

-- Manius Ovidius Hyacinthus
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Re: Ludi Plebeii (Plebeian Games) 2017

Postby Manius Ovidius Hyacinthus » Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:45 pm

I am not eligible to enter into the contests, being one of the judges, however I'm going to share my own creations anyways in celebration of the festival. :)

No fool of note or consequence,
No child-king's malevolence,
No breach of code or common sense,
No blunder that's been found,

Shall meet the lash of lingual wit,
Nor one deserved invective,
Nor any cry of change to it,
Should man's free tongue be bound.

'Tis the greatest tool of change,
A skill to hone at every age,
Weapons possessed by fool and sage,
Each man has his own sound.

A sound with which to voice one's will,
A sound tyrants will try to kill,
A sound that must remain unstill,
Lest man's free tongue be bound.
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Re: Ludi Plebeii (Plebeian Games) 2017

Postby Lucius Livius Seneca » Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:08 pm

L. Livius quaest. cons. et prae. circ. M'. Ovidio aed. pleb. omnibusque plebeis s.p.d.

The chariot race for the ludi plebeii will consist of two laps around the Circus Livius, racing quadriga (four-horse) chariots.

The pompa circensis will begin on November 15th, and the race will likely finish sometime around the end of the month. I will accept entries for the race until the end of November 14th, as we still have some charioteers who will need that time to finish the championship race for the ludi Romani. Up to eight (8) charioteers will be able to race in the ludi plebeii, preferably two from each factio, but, if by the 14th any factio has not filled both its spots in the lists, I will surrender them to the other factiones on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If you have any questions about purchasing chariots, the rules of the game, or registering for the race, please send me a message.

Bona fortuna et valete!
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Re: Ludi Plebeii (Plebeian Games) 2017

Postby Quintus Furius Camillus » Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:45 am

My entry, an ode to the plebs:

Greatest is the servant’s slave to the pontiff
the good-looking still carries a dry throat
such living is washed with a costly soap
to break a jinx right from an ancestral coat
value’s attached to every mess and rag
people of this class just live
Life with honor no conceit
a rare light may shine but will face the never-ending lag
in ages past they were the oppressed
in wealth’s province,
they were total outcasts
ride the wagon of existence with no seat
in another day
the world runs so fast
as the weak attend poverty’s retreat
life is distinguished with its shovel
the countless writhing mass of humanity
but the low shall always have something to marvel.
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