PUBLIC DISCUSSION: Senate meeting (Session VII)

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Re: PUBLIC DISCUSSION: Senate meeting (Session VII)

Postby Gaius Cominius Laenas » Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:53 am

Gaius Florius Lupus wrote:Gratias tibi ago, Curio Consul!
It is good to have your proposal back on the table for discussion.

No. Wishes won't rewrite history. This proposal is Pandora's box gift wrapped in good intentions.
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Re: PUBLIC DISCUSSION: Senate meeting (Session VII)

Postby Gaius Valerius Scipio » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:01 am

Gaius Cominius Laenas wrote:
Gaius Florius Lupus wrote:Gratias tibi ago, Curio Consul!
It is good to have your proposal back on the table for discussion.

No. Wishes won't rewrite history. This proposal is Pandora's box gift wrapped in good intentions.

Wishes won't rewrite history, but in the same vain why cling to the past so virulently? Let us rather put the past behind us, (neither do I say that we completely forget the past, that would be foolish and asking for trouble) and try to make and form relations with different Roman groups.

Remember Pandora's box also contained hope and I do believe that the worst of the sins of mankind have past. so let us embrace hope and try to believe in a brighter future amice. If it doesn't work out, then so be it. But we have nothing to lose from extending the hand of friendship and so much to gain.
The gods command me to sanctify my every action, and I obey them with all my soul, and they assure me of great benefits from my enterprise, if only I persist.
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Gaius Valerius Scipio
Curule Aedile
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Re: PUBLIC DISCUSSION: Senate meeting (Session VII)

Postby Sextus Decius Mus » Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:49 pm


The Quirites and their organizations must unite!

The more I talk with people from all sides, the more I believe the current schism that exists in our community is a great misunderstanding and tragedy. This matter is not complicated at the core. People only make it complicated by viewing the various groups as separate. But they should not be separate!

There once was one Roman organization from 1998-2010. This was NR. Then two assholes managed to manipulate and successfully hijack the original organization. They did this by abusing a system that was idealistic and did not assume assholes like these two people would come along. The original idea of NR was not flawed. It just had a weakness that was exploited. It is not an uncommon oversight for an idealistic and young organization to not anticipate such things. But the mistake was done. In 2011, NR was taken over by the two assholes and many who opposed this realization justly left and founded RPR. This was the origin of the first schism.

Next in 2015, these assholes were challenged again by people like Brutus and Lentulus. The assholes started to loose power. So they initiated another purge. This led to the second schism. This one was greater as the opposition was much more organized. This led to the birth of the RR, founded by Brutus' group, which had a plan to restore NR as a new organization. Next the non-corporate NR (NCNR), founded by Lentulus' group, separated from NR. This third group was more eager to salvage the NR name outside of the old NR corporate structure.

So we got three groups that really only differ based on when they split from NR. 99.9% of the goals are the same!

RPR split in 2011
RR split in 2016
NCNR split in 2017

Even the membership between groups is mostly the same! With a few key exceptions here and there.

What is stopping these groups from uniting as one? Leaders who do not want to share power? Hurt feelings? Personal differences?

What about the Roman community? Does that come second?

I'm frustrated. Because I see only minor differences. Why are we not figuring out how to compromise on these issues and pool our resources? Imagine the golden age this would spark in our community!

We need to start talking as a community. Not as separate groups. None of the motions in the senate today go far enough. They maintain the schism. We need a roadmap to unification. If we really are acting for our joint future and not out of personal self interest then NCNR, RR and RPR should be seriously looking at how they can formally unite. Only when this happens will this dark chapter of a schism close. With every passing year this reconciliation will become harder. RPR, NCNR, RR will drift further apart and become more entrenched. A window of time exists where unification is most possible! It cannot be some vague time in the future!

I am only a humble private citizen. But I think that if more people like me were in leadership positions in NCNR and RR we would easily unite as one. So I challenge the leading citizens of NCNR and RR to find a stepwise plan to unification. Brutus, as the founder and the senate of RR, Lentulus, as the founder and the senate of NCNR, I call you both out! You both have the ability to make this happen. Not under the banner of RR and not under the banner of NCNR. But under a merged group of delegates working for the good of all and the Gods. It is time to found the Roman Republic of Nova Roma!

I humbly but strongly petition the powers that can make it happen in the RR, NCNR and RPR to step up. Make history. I beg you to elect delegates from each group to form a council of Quirites. Meet in public for the community you represent can see your views and virtue! Figure out how our future as cultural Romans can be formed in a united Roman Republic of Nova Roma!

We can do this if we put personal interest aside and place out hands in the flame together. Recall our great ancestor Gaius Mucius Scaevola, do what is best for our children and the magnificent dream of a Roman nation reborn!

Taking after Cato I say to you, and will keep saying it to you, the Quirites and their organizations must be united!
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Sextus Decius Mus
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Re: PUBLIC DISCUSSION: Senate meeting (Session VII)

Postby Gaius Curtius Philo » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:05 pm

You speak wisely Mus. If I am elected as Consul for next year I will discuss this with these leaders and try and find a bridge between the communities. Hopefully leading to a reunification.
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Re: PUBLIC DISCUSSION: Senate meeting (Session VII)

Postby Gaius Florius Lupus » Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:32 am

I full-heartedly support the suggestion of Sex. Decius Mus. This has always been what I wished most for the Roman community.
Thank you Senator Philo, carissime amice, for supporting it too, because you have actually the ability to make this vision a reality. This issue alone should ensure you the consulship next year.

Just for historical purposes - was there not a fourth split in Nova Roma, when the Societas Viae Romanae (SVR) split off? Does anyone know what happened to them?

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Re: PUBLIC DISCUSSION: Senate meeting (Session VII)

Postby Lucius Livius Seneca » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:30 pm

L. Livius quaest. cons. C. Florio sal.

The Societas "Via Romana" is, by all appearances, a dead project. Their forum, website, and government all seem to have given up the ghost sometime around 2010-2011.

L. Livius Ani. Seneca
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Re: PUBLIC DISCUSSION: Senate meeting (Session VII)

Postby Publius Sextius Laevus » Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:11 am

Salvete Cives

It is time to found the Roman Republic of Nova Roma!

It has not been done to re-unite schismatic groups by means of yet another schimatic group. You just get yet another schimatic group.

We should make what we have, Roman Republic, work. And for those in Nova Roma, make that work again.

P. Sextius Laevus
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