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Re: Unity Amongst Romans

Postby Lucia Horatia Adamas » Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:19 am

L. Horatia Adamas L. Florio Bruto Q. Furio Camillo P. Junio Bruto C. Valerio Scipioni C. Claudio Quadrato L. Livio Senecae C. Florio Lupo aliisque S.P.D.

We have much in common with citizens of several Roman-based groups. Hope that this truly will bear fruit.

Praecipue L. Florio Bruto L. Livio Senecae: That wasn't a major schism in Nova Roma. It was worse. What happened was that the two worst people in NR proclaimed a dictatorship on very specious grounds, with one of them as dictator and the other as 'Master of the Horse.' A series of edicta followed in which three of the four tribunes (two of whom had been my students) were expelled for life, having dared to vote for intercessio against some rather idiotic items beloved of said duo; three or four ordinary citizens were also banished for life for no reason whatsoever; all members of the opposite political faction were removed from the Senate and all magistracies, then replaced by friends of the dictators; imminent elections were cancelled; heavy censorship was imposed on all official mailing lists, and many other measures were taken which were fully worthy of Stalin and friends.

It happens that NR law allows a dictatorship, but the laws of the State of Maine, in which NR is incorporated do not, for legislative and executive power cannot be vested in the same individual according to Maine corporate law. Ergo, several hundred citizens who opposed the dictatorship began a lawsuit against these outrageous measures. That may have inspired an end to the dictatorship and some of its edicta, but once the terms of the remaining magistrates expired, there were no magistrates, and no way to elect them. Thus only the corporate NR belonging to the dictatorial faction is official; some others have formed a non-corporate, unofficial NR, which is more lively.

As some of my friends, colleagues, and students are involved with this, and I am in contact with them, I have a fairly good handle on what went on there. Right now the corporate NR is much like the discarded exoskeleton of some bug or other--a poisonous one. The barbarians do own the corporate assets, and have been raiding the treasury to pay their legal bills, but NR's heart and soul are in the non-corporate camp at present.


P.S. No, NR is NOT little! Add that the rivalry and such stem entirely from the minds of the corporate NR, the poisonous shell that remains, NOT the real (but unofficial) NR--which bears no such negative feelings to this group.
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