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Ludi Apollinares

PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:01 pm
by Titus Aurelius Apollinaris
Dear Romans!

The Ludi Apollinares are drawing near, our beloved Lord of the Sun, the bright and shining God, Apollo! So we, Sacerdotes Apollinis T. Aurelius Apollinaris, M'. Aurelia Apollonia and C. Florius Aetius, will host the Ludi of this year 2770 AUC!

We have decided together, that this year we will hold a Poetry Contest! The task is, to write a poem that should relate to the following themes:

- unrequited love
- music
- seasonal topics

As a reward, the first three winners selected shall have their poetry presented to Apollo, as well as, a petition to Apollo requesting a benediction upon the winners. The first place shall additionally receive 20 Denarii and a painting of Apollo, blessed and sent to her or him in a letter.

There are no special requirements; though, we do wish for as many as possible to give their best.
Since the sacred number of Apollo is 7, you may incorporate it, in some way, into your poem; but that is not a requirement.

The Ludi are between 6th and 14th of July. So please submit your poems by the 14th of July. The winner shall be announced on the 15th.

May Lord Apollo and His Muses inspire your hands!

Re: Ludi Apollinares

PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:10 am
by Mania Aurelia Apollonia
I am so excited to be a part of making this happen. This is wonderful!

Citizens, send us your best! We thank you!


Re: Ludi Apollinares

PostPosted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:53 pm
by Gaius Florius Aetius
Today at July 7th 2770 AUC (2017 ce) I have held the ceremony to Apollon, to seek his blessing for our Ludi.

I cleaned and redecorated the Shrine:


Here is the Prayer I wrote for this event:

Hail Thee Apollon, our beloved Lord and God!
At this your Birthday, I stand before you,
To give these offerings to you, our Beloved God!

Take them with generosity,
As we here together and each for himself
Spread over the Earth and yet united,
Thank you for all your generous gifts,
Which you so graciously have given to us, your children.
You have spread beauty and wisdom, through all the arts,
The music, the poetry, the sculpture and painters
And all those people who make life beautiful,
To elevate us in harmony
And reveal higher truths though the arts unto us!
May all these be blessed who thus under your guidance
Make this world a better place,
And spread the Light of Harmony, Kindness, Virtue and Wisdom.

I pray first for our esteemed Elder Priest,
L. Vitellius Triarius, who as first among us,
Was chosen as your Priest, and such through his dedication
And work helped greatly to reopen the path to the Gods!
Hold you, Oh Great Apollon, our Elder Priest and Senior
L. Vitellius Triarius in your blessing,
So that his road in life and thereafter
Shall forever be under your protection, Oh great Apollon!

Guide us Sacerdoti, us newly chosen Priests,
So that we proceed right and worthy in these sacred days of yours!
Guide us, teach us and be forgiving, if we err,
And then kindly correct us, so that we restore the Cultus
So that it is worthy and pleasing to thee!

I beseech you, Apollon, bless all the arists
In these LUDI APOLLINARES, guide them with your light,
So that they enrich the world and find their words worthy of you!
Bless and guide all the artists,
In these days of the Ludi Apollinares,
As well as always,
So that this world is made richer, better and more enlightened
Through you and through their dedicated work!

Bless us, your Priests of Apollon, so we are worthy of you!
Bless all the artist who enrich the world with beauty, harmony and wisdom!
Bless all those who seek out the guidance of the Gods,
Their Houses, their families, their kin!
Bless the Roman Republic and all who gather under the banner of Rome!
Bless these games, held in your honor,
So that we all may have great days in harmony and happiness!
Be thou ever praised, O radiant one!
Abide with us through all our days!

As such, I declare the Ludi Apollinares opened!

Re: Ludi Apollinares

PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:45 am
by Tiberius Valerius Caesar
Here's a poem. The title is "Mea Amor":

Oh, my love,
Venus has truly blessed thee.
Your voice is like the sound of the birds singing in the trees,
Your skin is as soft silk, and you speak with the tongue of Minerva.
We have known each other for what feels like a century,
But Dis Pater won you over before me.
Amo te.

Re: Ludi Apollinares

PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:47 am
by Gaius Florius Aetius
Salvete Omnes!

After long council, the Sacerdotes Apollinis have voted to crown the winner of this year's Ludi Apollinares.

The first places goes to 1st place:
"Mea Amor"
by Tib. Valerius Caesar

The Second place:
"Salve Sweet Calpernia"
by Did Pater II

No 3rd Place.

The two poems shall be presented to Apollon in a Ritual soon, so that Apollon grants blessings to both authors. Furthermore, Denarii shall be appointed to Tib. Valerius Caesar. I have, as I said, painted a painting of Apollon, which I shall ask in the ceremony to bless by Apollon, and which then shall be sent to Tib. Valerius Caesar. Tib. Valerius Caesar is kindly asked to contact me in PM, sending me his address, so I can send the painting to him. (If he wished to keep his address private, he can alternatively request me to send a large scale JPG, as well.)

May Apollon look with favour upon us!

C. Florius Aetius

Re: Ludi Apollinares

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:33 pm
by Gaius Florius Aetius
Let me test something...


Ok this is the winner picture, I was drawing. I hope this 3rd party linking works.

It it called "Apollo the Morninglord"