General Infornation on Pending Collegia Leadership Elections

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General Infornation on Pending Collegia Leadership Elections

Postby Marcus Livius Horatius » Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:30 pm


Praetor Laevus has requested that I oversee the elections for the Collegia.

Cassia and Maecenas have fled the justice of the Censorial Nota. Therefore, exciting positions are now open for new citizens to take over the co-leadership of several Collegia (interest groups) in the Republic. These are perfect chances to get your feet wet in building our community and improving the Republic!

Candidates are accepted until May 4. Please announce candidacy on the sub-forum of the respective collegia. Electronic ballots will go out May 6 and be accepted until May 15.

The following positions are free.

  • Artium: OPEN POSITION, N. Antoninus Paullus
  • Militarium: OPEN POSITION, M. Aurelius Seianus
  • Peregrinatorum: OPEN POSITION, N. Antoninus Paullus
  • Philosophiae: OPEN POSITION, K. Cispius Laevus
  • Cultus Liberi et Liberae: OPEN POSITION, OPEN POSITION
  • Schola Librorum: OPEN POSITION, P. Iunius Brutus

Please note these elections will be held in accordance with this edict issued by Consul Philo -- viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1554&p=7554&hilit=EDICTUM#p7355

It is important to notice that no citizen can lead more than 3 collegia simultaneously. We do not want citizens having their focus spread to thinly.
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