Resignation as Sacerdos

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Re: Resignation as Sacerdos

Postby Gaia Cassia Longina » Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:42 am

Not sure what you mean.

Good evening. I am no longer discussing this.
Gaia Cassia Longina

Re: Resignation as Sacerdos

Postby Gaius Florius Aetius » Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:53 am

Hm, I am not sure why someone would step down as Sacerdos, because another Sacerdos has some different views.

The Problem is, there has from the getgo a division between those who want the RR traditional, and others who want it to develop. I have thought long about the division into Sacra Privata and Sacra Publica, and to this day I do not find it very plausible. The idea, as I understand it, seems to be that Sacra Publica has to remain 100% traditional as it was, and in turn Sacra Privata can be free. While that sounds like a nice compromise on the surface, it is actually none, because it immunizes the idea of the Cult to any change.

Macenas, I respect you enormously as a person, and I do not say this just so. You work hard and dedicate yourself a lot to the RR. But with all due respect, you need to accept the idea of compromise. If one side, namely the tradtionalists, stand to their 100% demanding to control the Sacra Publica, and relegate any change to a "private quirk", the result will in the long run be a split of our community into factions of Reformers and Traditionalists.

I still hope that we can find a middle ground between the desire to reform the RR and those who want to restore it as original as possible. When everyone only works with those who entirely agree to every concept, the Roman Religion will end up in dozens miniature group. People should stand for their views and accept the different views. I understand to accept that some want a Reform is hard for those who hold the Ancient Times dear, I truly do. There is a fear that if we would let go from the rules of the past, we would be lost in an endless ocean without definition, but I think also that there are reasons and arguments for a Reformed Cultus Deorum. In truth, I have written a paper about it, but I withheld it, mainly because my health is not in good shape these days. But since the occaision is here, I may publish them.

Macenas, please reconsider and remain in your office. While, as you may know, I do not agree with a traditional view as you seem to prefer, your work is of great value and I would still prefer to see your contribution to balance out the reformist desire with your pragmatist and traditional expertise, so we move beyond this personal struggle to the logical next step of talking about actual issues, without reservations, where everyone is free to bring everything open to the table.
Advice is judged by results, not by intentions.

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Re: Resignation as Sacerdos

Postby Lucius Metilius Niger » Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:48 pm

I am rather of the opinion of Aetius, I think it is sad and sad that you divide yourself on points of view, or different practices. You're right Macenas on a point : It is very important to distinguish between Private and Public cultus. However, I also think that Public Cult must be reformed to be in tune with modern times, without completely distorting it. I think it is possible, but from the moment when the Cultores show a certain number of values ​​worthy of the real Romanitas: benevolence, dignity, honor, humility, brotherhood, piety , The conviviality and the art of the compromise between Cultores of value.... your reaction is not correct Macenas.
Without these essential human values, your beautiful republic will divide like all the other republics. Do not take yourself too seriously. I therefore agree with Cassia and Aetius, and warn the ultra-traditionalists against the trap of fundamentalism.

I think Cassia must use the Publica Sacra for a Public sacerdos, and use the Sacra Privata for a Private sacerdos. So I'm agree with Macenas in this detail.
BUT I'm not agree with his reaction against Cassia.
Lucius Metilius Niger


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