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Ancient Maps: How Did the Romans See the World?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:27 am
by Tiberius Cilnius Maecenas
Surviving copies of maps created by Ancient Roman cartographers incorporate details that range from the impressive — but understandably inaccurate and incomplete — to the fantastical.

When Rome contacted or conquered a new territory, cartographers did not have the advantage of a bird’s eye view or technologically advanced surveying equipment. Still, the Romans managed to build an impressive network of roads and a system of aqueducts that surely required an impressive grasp of geography and topography as well as significant mapping skills.

The writings of Livy tell us that maps were set up in temples as early as 174 BC, including one of Sardinia placed on the island as a monument and later another of Italy on a temple wall in Tellus.

Here is an article explaining Roman maps in detail: ... see-world/