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Re: Provinces of the Republic

Postby Servius Villius Ruga » Thu May 04, 2017 1:03 am

Gaius Curtius Philo wrote:
Servius Villius Ruga wrote:
Gaius Curtius Philo wrote:
Salve amice!

There is just not any Governor in Carolina yet. You are welcome to run for the post if you want though and help expand and represent your local community! ^^


This sounds fun! I'll hold off a bit until I'm more situated, but I think it'll be a great way to get involved in the Res Publica Romana!


Aye. Try to message your fellow Carolinenses and see which are active and accessable. See if any of them are interested in local activities. When you feel ready, apply officially :)

Great suggestion! I went ahead and took care of messaging everyone that had usernames the system could find (about four users it said it couldn't find, so I assume they never logged into their forum account?) I am hopeful that the Carolina province will unite! If responses are received I think I definitely will apply! Thank you for the information!
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Re: Provinces of the Republic

Postby Lucius Aurelius Flamininus » Thu Apr 26, 2018 7:26 am


I am very new here and for the most part had not been active. I am still learning the ropes and for the most part have not established a personal relationship with the Pantheon (though I had, for a small period of time did a daily ritual that I found on the Nova Roma page). Since then, I had gone through a horrible divorce, homelessness, unemployed and filing for disability (due to physical health). Lately, having time to build a relationship with many of my Gens, I have decided it was time to get involved, learn the ropes, and open myself to interaction with the Religio Romana. I can't come up with any of the implements I feel that I need to have to even start (like tools to even MAKE a lararium), though I do have a personal ritual I have done with I was seven concerning my Lares Patrii.

I have a lot to learn. But, the reason I am writing this post is that I noticed that there is no one mentioned (at least not that I have seen) concerning the Provincia Pacficia. Just figured I would ask if there was one, because then we could see about having events and meetups out here. My home, North West Washington would be a beautiful place to have a gathering.
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Re: Provinces of the Republic

Postby Aula Flavia Philippa » Fri Apr 27, 2018 9:08 am

[quote=`Lucius Aurelius Flamininus`] there is no one mentioned (at least not that I have seen) concerning the Provincia Pacficia[/quote]
As far as I understand, you mean the Provincia Pacifica. You are lucky, this is a fairly large province, as Album Civium shows. If you really want to achieve a practical result and quickly find someone, then I advise, in addition to the topics on the Forum, to find the inhabitants of the Provincia Pacifica through Album Civium, then, through a link in the profile of each individual citizen, "contact this citizen", send a letter with a statement of your vision for the future province, examples of interactions and suggestions. Believe me, this is the best way to contact everyone, as each of the citizens will receive a notification by e-mail, and deal with common affairs. Be bolder and more persistent!
P.S. It is a pity that you do not live within the Great Sarmatia, in that case, with your initiatives, you would perfectly join our friendly team, and get an opportunity to realize your ideas.
P.P.S. Do not worry, all adversity is behind, life goes on! ;)
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