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Newly Approved Collegium Militarium

PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:14 pm
by Marcus Minucius Audens
This subject is to announce the Newly approved Collegium Militarium. This Collegium is still in the throes of redrawing the first set of proposed by-laws due to several excellent ideas which were presented during the Approval Duscussions by several experienced RR senior citizens; Masters Brutus, Triarius, Calvus, and Severus. I have already asked that the aboe listedmasters get in touch with me to provide their ideas in regard to the frst three item of importance that we will work on to get the Militarium ready for those who are waiting to join the Militarium and contribute their ideas as well. I am pleased to announce the approval of Collegium Militarium and I invite all here in RR who have an interest in the Roman Military, Roman Navy, Reenactment Legions or other activities, and Gladiator history, to consider becoming a member of the Militarium. My thanks to those who have approved this application and we hope to have the by-law arrangement finished soon.

Respectfully Submitted;
Marcus Audens
Marcus Minucius Audens

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