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Announcing candidacy

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:56 am
by Tiberius Cilnius Maecenas
I hereby announce my candidacy to co-lead this Collegium.

I have a masters degree in the classics. I love all aspects of Roman history. This love extends to Roman military history. I am not a reenactor. But I respect reenactors and believe the living history work they engage in is invaluable.

I am a scholar in the classics. I offer my talents in this way. I hope these talents can compliment the activities of reenactors. Together we are stronger. This Collegium is a place for all.

We must set out to do the following things:

1. Build a modern website
2. Connect with the reenactment community
3. Build a library of resources
4. Stimulate projects pertaining to Roman history activity that are rewarded in denarii or other incentives

I will do my best to work with the co-leader of this Collegium to make these things happen.

Re: Announcing candidacy

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:49 am
by Marcus Aurelius Seianus
I wholeheartedly endorse Maecenas for the position of Co-leader. He has shown dedication, insight, and a true eagerness to make the CM a truly great Collegium. He has set realistic goals which can be achieved in his time as Co-Leader, and personally, I believe him to be a man of honor and true character.