Mandated Elections

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Mandated Elections

Postby Marcus Minucius Audens » Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:35 pm

Members of the Collegium Militarium:

Just a reminder for any who would desire to apply for the Mandated position of C0- Praefectus Castorum in the Collegium Militarium. I should ask that every candidate would:

>> Read and agree to the current Bylaws of the Collegium Militarium in writing;
>> Nominations can be made by members of the Militarium, including self-Nominatons;
>> Nominees should list what spicific items or tasks that they have done in their personal life outside of this collegium that would indicate that they are qualified to hold the position of the Mandated Co- Praefectus Castrorum position:
>> List in what way the nominees have promoted the ideas and factors relating to the ancient Roman Military;
>> List the areas of research, experience, and ideas that they can bring to add to the ancient Roman Military historical material;
>> List your ideas in regard to recruiting new membership for the Collegium Militarium;
>> List the ideas and abiities of the nominees to insure that the data and material that they will provide will be accurate and true to the ancient Roman Military's past, while also ensuring its relevence with references to the ancient world, and contribute to some sort of a basis for the Collegium Militarium to grow in membership and information in the years to come.

The above items are just ideas about how to improve the Collegium Militarium with the idea of this Mandated election. Should any other member of the Collegium have any further suggestions regarding the improvements of the Militarium please forward them in either your nominations or as your individual ideas.

A copy of the Collegium Militarium's current Bylaws will be provided in a later message. Changes to the bylaws with the election of a new CO-Praefectus Castrorum will be made following the Mandated election.

Nominations will begin on January 16th.

Marcus Audens
Praefectus Castrorum, Collegium Militarium;
Tribunus Collegium Veterani;
Quaestor for Provincial Improvement;
Proculator for the Provincia of Nova Britannica.
Marcus Minucius Audens

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