New Election

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New Election

Postby Marcus Minucius Audens » Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:52 pm

Salvete Omnes!

As per the published edict, 'Edictum Consulum: Establishing Co-Leadership of Collegia', I am placing in action an election for a co-leader in the Collegium Militarium. This position will be for a co-Praefectus Castrorum and will share the same responsibilities as myself as a leader of this Collegium.

Candidacy will be starting on the 16th of January and will end on the 22nd. Voting will then start on the 23rd until the 29th of January.


Marcus Audens
Marcus Minucius Audens

Re: New Election

Postby Caeso Cispius Laevus » Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:51 pm

I nominate Seianus. Would he accept?
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Caeso Cispius Laevus
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Re: New Election

Postby Marcus Minucius Audens » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:42 pm

Master Laevus;
It was my understanding that nominations for a co-commander of this Collegium would begin on the 16th of January. Was that also your undstanding of the established rules?

Marcus Audens;
Prafectus Castrorum
Collegium Militarium
Marcus Minucius Audens

New Mandated Election

Postby Marcus Minucius Audens » Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:59 pm

Greetings Collegium Militarium Members:

Below pleas find the Bylaws for the Collegium Militarium for your review:

from: Lucius Aurelius Curio on Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:27 pm

Current and Approved Bylaws Purpose of the Collegium Militarium:

To Discuss, Research, and Share ancient Roman period information relating to the Roman Military and Roman Naval Forces. Information relating to the enemies of the Roman Military and Naval Forces may also be discussed, researched and written about so long as this material is related to the primary purpose of the Collegium which are the Roman Forces themselves. Periodic Reports and proposed activity lists from reenactment legions and other Roman reenactment groups will be posted, as received, on the Collegium Militarium List and sent to the Main Forum with permission of the legion or the unit.

I). Leadership will be selected by an election consisting of all certified Members as vote holders. The election will conducted every two years or as the Members shall determine a change is required. This determination will be undertaken with the majority vote of the authorized Membership. The officer leadership in the Collegium will consist of:

>> Praefectus Castrorum -- Leader of the Collegium; responsible for four drawings or articles per year. Responsible also for the Editorship of the quarterly webzine "Pilum," and the administrative requirements of the Collegium Leader;

>> Coricularius -- Second in Command; Responsible for two drawings or articles per year, and such other items as the Praefectus Castrorum shall request. This officer will also act as the Collegium Contributions Administrator;

>> Praefectus Legionus -- Legion Reporter; Responsible for two drawings or articles per year, This Officer will be the third officer in command;

>> Praefectus Navio -- Roman Navy Reporter; Responsible for two drawings or articles per year;

>> Praefectus Auxila -- Auxilery Reporter; Responsible for two drawings or articles per year;

>> Praefectus Architechturus -- Position and task of the engineer and builder, responsible for two drawings or articles per year;

>> Praefectus Gladitorus -- Gladiator Reporter; Responsible for two drawings or articles per year;

>> Sacerdos Militarium -- Religous leader for the Collegium Millitarium; Responsible for at least two prayers relating to the Militarium per year.

>> Two Scriba / Libraii; one Senior, and one Junior -- Send all drawings and articles to the appropriate Blogs, and such other tasks as the Praefectus Castrorum shall authorize.

The duties of said above officers follow:
[a] Praefectus Castrorum will lead the Collegium Militarium according to its Purpose/Description, conduct all meetings, and provide an agenda for all meetings as necessary, and will also be responsible for the requirements laid down in his above position title;
[b] Cornicularis will conduct all necessary actions, reports, and activity with the Militarium Treasury at the direction of the Praefectus Castrorum, together with the responsibility for the requirements laid down in his above position title. This officer will be the second officer of the Militarium;
[c}All other Praefectii will be responsible for the requirements laid down in their above position titles
[d] The senior Scriba / Librarii will make a Meeting Report following each meeting and conduct all correspondence as the direction of the Praefectus Castroraum. The Junior Scriba / Librarii will asist as directed by the Praefectus Castrorum.
[e] Unfilled positions in the collegium will be undertaken by the Praefectus Castrorum. If one of the above listed Officers must take over as the Praefectus Castrorum, it will be up to either he or she to make further appointments to fill the officer ranks.

II). Voting Membership in the Militarium will be awarded to all contributing members upon the receipt of at least three contributions (articles, photos, drawings, article/book reports, poetry, reference listings", etc,) as approved by the "Praefectus Castrorum" of the Collegium. Voting Members must be a Member of Roman Republic.

III). Membership Members of the Collegium will be removed from membership after the second offense of violations of the below mediation conflict process by the majority vote of the Collegium membership;

IV). Mediation Conflict Process:
[a] Keep a Civil tongue in your speech and writing, as though you were speaking with children.
[b] Disagreements are normal and acceptable, but arguing is not. Everyone has a right to their views. If you disagree with someone, then present your views clearly and concisely in a quiet dignified manner. If the recipient does not agree, and there is a continuation of the disagreement, then either take the concern to the Praefectus Castrorum of the Collegium or to one who is a recognized expert on the concern at hand and agreeable to all.
[c] Under no circumstance use insulting or demeaning language.
[d] Violations of the above listed items will be banned from the collegium for a period to be decided upon by the Praefectus Castrorum for the first offense, and required to apologize to the victim on line. They will be removed from the Collegium Membership for the second offense.

(V). Denarii Transfers All Denarii Transfers will be decided by the two-thirds majority vote of the Membership.

(VI). Dissolution If the Militarium is to undergo dissolution either by the two-thirds majority vote of the Membership or in the absence of such by decision of the Praefectus Castrorum, the remaining Denarii in the Collegium’s Treasury shall go to the Roman Republic’s current Consuls for use as they see fit.

(VII). Changes to Bylaws Collegium Militarium Bylaws, Purposes, or Description changes, deletions, or additions will be, brought up for discussion by a collegiate member, supported by a second collegiate member. The idea will then be discussed among the Membership. Any changes will be made by the two-thirds majority of the Membership.

(VIII). Group Meetings:
[a] Group Meetings on line will be held each month. An announcement will be made that the Meeting will begin on a certain day of said month, A report from the Praefectus Castrorum the treasurer and scribe will be made, as necessary, Any Member of the Membership may bring up questions, comments or ideas. The Meeting will consist of an Old Business / New Business / other Considerations parts. The Praefectus Castrorum will announce the Meeting open and closed;
[b] Group Meeting face-to-face will be conducted in line with Roberts Rules of Order when the meetings are scheduled and a place is found to conduct such;
[c] All confirmed Members of the Militarium are permitted to attend the Monthly Meetings.
[d] The Membership will be notified at least five days in advance of the meeting, as necessary.

Respectfully Submitted;
Marcus Audens
Praefectus Castrorum, Collegium Militarium
Marcus Minucius Audens

Re: New Election

Postby Gaia Cassia Longina » Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:24 am

I submit my name again for second--in-command, Coricularius.
Gaia Cassia Longina

Re: New Election

Postby Lucius Curtius Philo » Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:35 pm

I also I nominate Seianus to co-lead this collegium. He would compliment Audens well and is qualified. What do you say Seianus?
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Lucius Curtius Philo
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Re: New Election

Postby Marcus Aurelius Seianus » Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:47 am

Salvette Omne,

As I see the people have spoken, I shall add my name to the list of qualified candidates as co-Praefectus Castrorum. If elected, I hope to work with the esteemed Marcus Minucius Audens to bring the best to this collegia. As a reenactor myself, I hope to bring relevant articles, training manuals, and real world activities to our group. I would would diligently to help any individual who wishes to portray a Legionnaire, as well as enriching our community in all ways that I can.

I respectfully thank those who have endoresed me, and I look forward to bring the best to our great collegia.
Marcus Aurelius Seianus

Ordo Equester
Legatus Legio X Cohor III
Praefectus Legionus
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Marcus Aurelius Seianus
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Governor of Eria
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Re: New Election

Postby Publius Sallustius Quadratus » Thu Jan 19, 2017 6:42 am


I, Publius Sallustius Quadratus, would like to submit my name for the position of Sacerdos Militarium.

Only by honoring the Gods may we hope for victory on the battlefield.

Ave Ianus! Ave Iuppiter Optimus Maximus! Ave Mars!
P. Sallustius Quadratus
Publius Sallustius Quadratus
Governor of Mississippia Borealis
Governor of Mississippia Borealis
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Mandated Election for CO-Praefectus Castrorum

Postby Marcus Minucius Audens » Mon Jan 23, 2017 7:17 pm

Salvete Omnes!

This item is moved to vote. Only voting members may vote.

Please vote on the item by responding with one of the following options as well as the candidates name:

1. UTI ROGAS (in favor of item)
2. ANTIQUO (opposed to item)
3. ABSTINEO (abstain)

Nominations Put Forward:

>> M. Aurelius Seijanus for CO- Prefectus Castrorum;
>> Gaia Cassia Longina for Corncularius;
>> P. Sallustrius Quadratus for Militarium Sacerdos;

I vote for:

>> Gaia Cassia Longina for Cornicularius -- UTI ROGAS;
>>M. Aurelius Seijanus for CO- Prefectus Castrorum -- ANTIQUO;
>> P. Sallustrius Quadratus for Militarium Sacerdos -- ANTIQUO.

Respectfully Submitted;
Marcus Audens
Marcus Minucius Audens

Re: New Election

Postby Lucius Aurelius Curio » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:22 am

Salvete Omnes!

My votes:

C. Cassia Longina:. UTI ROGAS
M. Aurelius Seianus:. UTI ROGAS
P. Sallustius Quadratus:. ANTIQUO (We already have a good Sacerdos Militarium)

Valete Bene!

L. Aurelius Curio
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Lucius Aurelius Curio
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Princeps Senatus: Senator
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