>>>> A New Pompeii --Dec. 2016 -- Jan. 2017 <<<<

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>>>> A New Pompeii --Dec. 2016 -- Jan. 2017 <<<<

Postby Marcus Minucius Audens » Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:46 am

>>>> A New Pompeii --Dec. 2016 -- Jan. 2017 <<<<

“Pompeii will always be in a state of restoration,” insists Profesor Massimo Osanna, Director of the Pompeii Project. “My two priorities are to use the latest technology to deepen our knowledge of the site; and to record in a systematic and logical way both what we have already , and what we will find in the future. This is what has been lacking so far, and what I want to remedy.”

The latest achievments of the 105 million Euros endeavor co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Italian Government, include the rstoration of the original town plan. When it is complete, 21s century visitors will walk the same routes as the inhabitants of the 1st century AD. In 2016, many areas cordoned off since 1980 had already been reopened.

>>> A Step Into The Past <<<

The Summer of 2016 saw the reopening of the Antiquarium, closed since the earthquake of 1980. It lies in the eighth district, and is now fitted outwith the latest in digitaltechnology, with interactive displays revealing the domestic and the dramatic in Pompeii’s past. Since 2014, the following villas have undergone extensive conservation and preservation work:

>> House of Ephebe -- 1st District;
>> House of Orchard -- 1s District;
>> Fullery of Stephanus --1st District;
>> House of Paquius Proculus -- 1st District;
>> House of Octavius Quarto (aka Loreio Tiburtino) -- 2nd District;
>> House of Venus In the Shell -- 2nd District;
>> House of Guilia Felix -- 2nd District;
>> House of Marco Lucretius Frontone -- 5th District;
>> House of th Small Fountain -- 6th District;
>> Huse of Marcus Lucretius in via Stabiana -- 9th District.

>>> My Experience In Pompeii <<<

Some years ago while in the Navy (around the year 1955) I had the opportunity to visit Naples, Italy and while there we went to Pompeii, Herculineum, and then went to the top of Vesuvius and walked around the rim of the volcano. None of the above listed items has been excavated at that time so we saw very little of the city. However , what we did see was both exciting as well as educational. I will never forget looking down into the 1/4 mile deep crater, which was a straight fall to the bottom BRRRRRR!!!!

Reference: Lorenzo Bacino, “Exploring An Ancient City, ----,” Archaeology Travels, World Archaeology, (12/16 & 1/17), Pages 44-47.

Respectfully Submitted;
Marcus Audens
Marcus Minucius Audens

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