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"Pilum" Militarium Newsletter

PostPosted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:56 pm
by Marcus Minucius Audens
Militarium Members;

In relation to the subject newsletter, I have just been notified yesterday that the Publisher of the subject newsletter is away on important business and will not be able to publish the newsletter for this quarter. I do not have the skill in order to publish this newsletter myself, so I am asking if there is anyone here who has the ability and the willingness to act as a temporary Publisher for the newsletter?

The newsletter is an important aspect of the Collegium Militarium, in its ability to portray other similar organizations to RR and to make contact with them. Such is one of the purposes of the Militarium that Consul Brutus has supported.

Failng to find a Publisher for the "Pilum," I as the Editor of the document, will plan to remove such from our program, and instead to portray the articles and drawings that would be used in "Pilum", here in the daily forum, much as I have already been doing for some weeks now.

I apologize for this disruption in our plans, however, I am given to understand that the interruption is vitally important. I am prepared to take the Consul's word for that situation.

Very Respectfully and Regretfully;
Marcus Audens
Praefectus (temporary)