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Re: Modern and Ancient Stoicism

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:52 pm
by Gaius Florius Lupus
Salve amice!

1. Is then 'necessary' and 'enough' relative to your environment and time in history?

Could it be any different? We are part of our environment, i.e. nature; and this environment changes.
2. When do you 'fit in' to lead your peers by example and when do you deliberately 'stand apart' to shake things up or to live your life in the now?

Just as Seneca said: "Intus omnia dissimilia sint, frons populo nostra conveniat." We might differ in our thoughts and mindset, but we adjust to society.
3. How wide and deep is your environment?

Naturally to the boundaries of our culture. It would be unnatural to sit in an office with a toga.
4. Where to find the place to live in tune with 'nature' or transcend 'nature'?
5. How are we to place 'our true nature' in 'nature'?

The Stoic term "nature" should not be misunderstood as absence of all man-made artifacts. It is our nature as humans to live in an environment that we have created ourselves. Nature is the visible expression of the Stoic logos and can almost be interchangeably used.
Our true nature as humans is our use of reason in our decisions, which separates us from the animal nature, whose decisions are driven by instincts and emotions.
We do not need to walk around naked in order to live according to nature. The Cynics did that, which is probably where the name comes from (κύων/kyon = dog). They followed a dog-nature rather than a human nature.