Out of Office

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Out of Office

Postby Gaius Florius Lupus » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:01 pm

C. Florius Lupus omnibus sociis Collegii salutes plurimas dicit, salvete!

From Thursday on I will go on travel for at least two months and I will possibly not have access to the Internet. It is therefore most likely that I will not be able to perform my duties as magister of this Collegium during this time. I would like to apologize for this inconvenience.
If there are any administrative issues to address, please contact my colleague Caeso Cispius Laevus Magister. I should be back in office at the beginning of November, if nothing unforeseen happens.

There is another issue that I was not able to solve. I received an application for membership of the Collegium from Tiberius Ovidius Hyacinthus, but I was unable to approve it. I only got the error message:
"Access Forbidden for this user logged in!!"

I do not know what this means. Maybe my colleague Cispius Laevus or one of the Aediles can solve this issue and admit Ovidius Hyacinthus to the Collegium.

Valete, amici!
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