English Translation of the Bylaws of the Collegium

The purpose of this collegium is to establish a group for those interested in ancient philosophy and a place where philosophical discussion and study may take place. Join at: http://romanrepublic.org/civitas/joint_ ... sophiae/42

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English Translation of the Bylaws of the Collegium

Postby Gaius Florius Lupus » Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:11 pm

Bylaws of the Collegium Philosophicum

I. By this constitution, the Collegium Philosophicum is founded as a cultural collegium of the Roman Republic.

II. The motive and purpose of this Collegium shall be that it provides a place for discussing philosophical questions and also to disseminate instruction concerning the classical schools of philosophy, especially about those of Plato, Epicurus, and the Stoic system.

III. All Roman citizens may become members of the Collegium Philosophicum.

IV. A member shall be approved by either of the two magistri.

V. All members who are citizens optimo iure have the right to vote.

VI. Two magistri shall hold the office of magister of the Collegium, and shall have the right to veto one another. They shall be first among equals; they shall speak on behalf of the Collegium; they shall put deliberations before the Collegium; they shall determine whether votes are invalid, for the magistri are the moderators of the Forum of the Collegium Philosophicum.

VI. The members hold legislative power together.

VII. If the votes are tied, in accordance with the Mos Maiorum, the matter or candidate shall be considered to have failed.

IX. The magistri shall be elected by the majority for one year beginning on the Kalends of January.

A. If the office of one magister is vacant, the other magister shall convene the Collegium and hold elections.

B. If both offices are vacant at the same time, any voter can convoke the Collegium and hold elections.

C. If the Collegium lacks both magistri and voters, it shall be handed over to the Curule Aedile so that its status might be restored.

X. Each magister may convene the Collegium, which convocation must be announced by him at least one week in advance

XI. It shall be permitted to each and every associate to summon the Collegium unless this does not suit either magister.

XII. Any member who holds optimo iure status shall be permitted to propose a matter before the convocation.

XIII. Any proposal of the Collegium, and request for funds, except as provided elsewhere, needs the majority of the votes in order to prevail.

XIV. Quarrels among the associates are to be placated privately, or, by the majority, with the magistri interceding, if need be.

XV. For violations of the principles or the constitution of the Collegium or the Mos Maiorum three quarters of the votes can expel a colleague.

XVI. An expelled associate may appeal to the Curule or Plebeian Aedile, if he is plebeian, against such an expulsion.

XVII. The Collegium may be dissolved if all members agree. If the Collegium is dissolved in this fashion, its denarii shall be given to the treasury of the Roman People.

XVIII. The majority of the voters can amend these bylaws.
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