Gods, Who are they?

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Gods, Who are they?

Postby Marcus Minucius Audens » Tue Nov 08, 2016 4:34 pm

There are many different views of God or the Gods depending on who you are , where you are, and your life experience. There is a saying that , "God(s) help(s) those who help themselves." All animals on earth are given brains and with these instruments we are expected to live are lives through. Some animals are limited by determinations other than free choice, but not humans. They have the abilty to 'think for themselves.' Therefore, why should anyone or anything be around to help people out when they get into trouble? We well know in our modern age how the earth produces such things as hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and such! We also know enough to make preparations against such, if we wish to! Wars are started by men, not Gods, for money and/or power, and problems occur when we ignore the facts of the earth we live on. It would seem that if there is such a thing as god or gods that they would be very busy doing the things they are responsible for, rather than helping those for whom they have supplied the most fantastic machine the world has ever seen "the human brain!" I should imagine that those who have supplied such expect us all to use it to keep ourselves out of trouble, while they are working at their responsibilities and hope that we will help them, by using those wonderful instruments given to us to both help ourselves and finally to help them!

Respectfully Submitted;
Marcus Audens
Marcus Minucius Audens

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