The purpose of this colligium is to establish a group for those citizens of the republic that are currently serving or have served in the uniformed military service of their home country (this means real, actual military service as opposed to reenacting) for networking, socialization and brotherhood. Additionally, we understand that no organization of veterans is complete without their family members so we invite the loved ones of veterans to join and extend a welcoming hand to those that reenact the honorable and mighty legions of Rome to join our ranks. | Join at: http://romanrepublic.org/civitas/joint_ ... rani%20/40

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As we continue to grow - officer posts will be filled. Here you will find a listing of the current officers for the Collegium:

Praefectus veteranorum- President of the Collegium: Qunitus Pollius Calvus

Tribunus laticlavius veteranorum -Vice-President: Marcus Minucius Audens

Praefectus castrorum veteranorum - Scribe: Lucius Vitellius Triarius

Tribunus angusticlavius auxiliorum - Representative of the auxiliary members: OPENg

Q. Pollius Calvus
Praefectus Veteranorum - Collegium Veteranorum Militarium
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