Election of a Co-Veterani Legatus Legionus

The purpose of this colligium is to establish a group for those citizens of the republic that are currently serving or have served in the uniformed military service of their home country (this means real, actual military service as opposed to reenacting) for networking, socialization and brotherhood. Additionally, we understand that no organization of veterans is complete without their family members so we invite the loved ones of veterans to join and extend a welcoming hand to those that reenact the honorable and mighty legions of Rome to join our ranks. | Join at: http://romanrepublic.org/civitas/joint_ ... rani%20/40

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Election of a Co-Veterani Legatus Legionus

Postby Marcus Minucius Audens » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:15 pm

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>>>> My candidacy for the position of Veterani Legatus Legionus (Part Two) <<<<

Since my fellow candidate and military brother has brought forward his military service as a feature of his candidacy, I wish to refresh all, as to my venture into the military, the learning of a true bond with the military brotherhood, the love of my service and country, my reenactment experience, and my education.

I served for twenty years, day for day, in the U.S. Naval Submarine Force. I served on five submarines both diesel and nuclear, and was a member of the commissioning crew on three of these ships. I also served as an officer on two U.S Navy Submarine Tenders, and was on the commissioning crew of the second tender ship. I left the service on my twentieth year as a Master Chief Torpedoman (permanent) and a Chief Warrant Officer (Commissioned) (temporary). During my service, I managed numbers of men from 4 to 57, first as a Leading Seaman, and lastly as an Ordnance Division Officer. I held the position on board my last ship as an Officer of the Deck Underway, and as a Command Duty Officer in port. I too, understand the bond between servicemen that come to maximum fruition under significant stress, as I survived three near fatal instances during my service. While aboard the two Submarine tenders I also served as a firing range leader for the training of guards with pistols, and as a small arms weapons manager for a submarine. I received a commendation for saving a life on that ship. My military schools consist of the following; Torpedo 'A' School, Torpedo Electricity and Electronics School, Mark 27 Torpedo School, Mark 37 Torpedo School, Mark 14-5 Torpedo School, Mark 45 Torpedo School, Nuclear Weapons School; Nuclear Weapons Handling School, Ship Handling School, Leadership School, Instructor's School, Captain's School of On Board Training, Naval Ordnance School. I taught for three years in a Navy Torpedo school, teaching Submerged Torpedo Tubes, and Mine Launchers as well as torpedoes, and was honored with an Outstanding Instructor's Award.

Following my graduation from College, I went to work for two years in the in the supervisory positions of the design and construction of air-launched guided missiles, and later for 18 years as a LAR Master serving as a liaison between the U.S. Navy Department of Ships and the Electric Boat Ship Building Company for the efforts in Submarine Repair and Construction.

My love of country and my service to my brothers in arms have led me to be a leader in the Veterans of Foreign Wars activities, as well as a military reenactor in the following activities over a period of many years; British Rangers (F and I, 4 years), Black Watch (Rev War; 7 years, soldier to, commander), Engineers (Civil War, 14 years, Captain to Brigadier), Legion XXIV, 4 years, Praefectus Castrorum; Legio III (Cyrenaica (Engineer, 3 years). Following my retirement from field activities, (for physical concerns) I have maintained two Sodalitii and one Collegium Militarium for a total of some 16 years in three different Roman organizations. In addition, I hold the current positions of Military Commander in three, Asst. Commander in one Collegii, Senator and Foreign Minister in one, and a Quaestor, Procurator in another. In the past, I have served as Consul having earned the Cursus Honorium, Senator, and Procurator (three times). I graduated from High School with an A-average, and while in service, acquired some 10 college credits toward my degree. After leaving the service I completed my Bachelor's Degree, Major in History, Minor in English and Geography. Then I went on to gain my California Certificate to teach school (K-12) and taught in three college classes as well. Following that, I completed my Master's Degree (With Distinction) and finished all of my Doctoral requirements save for the Doctoral Thesis. Since then I have written one book (not published) and am working on a second one.

In regard to the Roman Republic (RR), I was contacted by then Consul Brutus and asked to both join the RR, and later he encouraged me toward creating both the Collegium Militarium and the Collegium Veterani, which I did, taking over both Collegii until the first elections. He then encouraged me to run for Tribune which I did, was elected and served for one year (approx.) He then encouraged me to run for Quaestor and suggested to me the area where he thought I would be the most effective. It is to now Censor Brutus, that I owe my knowledge of and my admiration for the Roman Republic and all the good friends that I have come to know here!!

The above is in addition to my previous candidacy notation for the position of Veterani Legatus Legionus.

I am interested in my fellow military comrades, I have a great set of experiences and values to share with them, and I think that to some small degree I have an understanding of both they and their service. My thanks for your very kind consideration of my candidacy.

Very Respectfully Submitted;
Marcus Audens

Marcus Minucius Audens

Re: Election of a Co-Veterani Legatus Legionus

Postby Gaia Cassia Longina » Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:02 am

You have my vote, Audens!
Gaia Cassia Longina

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