Ludi Megalenses - Cooking Contest

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Ludi Megalenses - Cooking Contest

Postby Publius Iunius Brutus » Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:17 am

Salvete Quirites!

Today is the start of a week-long celebration, the Ludi Megalenses, in honour of Magna Mater. Traditionally feasting was a significant part of this festival! Sadly we cannot all feast together as a community in person. But we can feast together using our eyes and words! With this in mind, I formally announce the start of a cooking contest!

This cooking contest will run from April 4 - April 9th.

The prize is 50 denarii which I pledge from my account.

Procula Valeria and I will be judging the contest. There will be equal points awarded in four categories:
I) Appearance
II) Historical Reference
III) Description of taste - it does not have to taste good, points awarded for the quality of the description!
III) Ingredients / Receipe


You must cook a Roman themed dish. It can be from a historical recipe or historically plausible Roman recipe.

You submit entries to myself (Publius Iunius Brutus) or by replying to this message. Entries must contain the following information:

I) Name or Roman Name
II) Name of dish
III) Original photograph of dish
IV) Notes on the historical inspiration for dish
V) Description of the taste
VI) Recipe

For inspiration and as an example I have posted an example of a recipe I cooked a few days ago:

Name: Libum

libum.jpg (172.72 KiB) Viewed 918 times

Historical Inspiration: Cato's, De Agricultura mentions this recipe. It does not tell you what type of cheese to use. I used cheddar which may seen odd at first; however, there is some convincing evidence that ancient Roman cheese of the period had a similar consistency to that of cheddar. Cato mentions how this cake is excellent for offering to the Gods. I offered two of these cakes to Venus and Fortuna on the Kalends.

Similar texture as a soda cracker. It tastes like a wheat cracker with hints of cheese. I do not taste the bay. It has no sweetness but does taste savory in a cracker type of way. It is certainly edible. I ate a few alone, and with honey and wine. It was good both ways.


White cheddar - 1kg
Farro flour - 500g
2 eggs

1. Grate the cheddar and then mix with eggs and flour, knead into a dough
2. using rolling pin roll dough until about 0.5cm thick and use cookie cutter to make small discs.
3. pace bay leaf under each disc on an oiled baking sheet, cover baking sheet with tin foil to keep in moisture
3. Cook discs at 195 degrees celsius for 35-45 min

Good luck and happy cooking! Don't forget to add your photos to the album as well at:


P. Iunius Brutis
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