Philosophy & History Contest: Ludi Megalenses

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Philosophy & History Contest: Ludi Megalenses

Postby Gaia Cassia Longina » Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:40 am

Salvete! I am announcing a contest in honor of the Ludi!

The Comitia has allowed me to administer a philosophy/history contest as part of the Ludi. As my specialty, I will focus on Greek and Roman philosophy and the history of the late Roman Republic (but there is the possibility of more topics).
This contest is open to everyone. In order to participate, all you have to do is register by responding to this or by sending me an email to the address below.
There will be three sets of questions, worth 30 points in total, given in the evening (16.00-19.00, Daylight Savings Time for Rome / -6 hours for US Eastern) starting on 5 April.
Answers will be posted the next day (10.00-13.00, Roma). The answers to any set of questions may be submitted until 24.00, the following day.
The top 3 contestants will receive a prize from Rome itself!
It could be a Roman coin, it could be a pair of hand-made Roman shoes or a book...who knows what you'll win!
If you wish to register for this event or have any questions, please write to my email or message me on Facebook.


G. Cassia Longina
Gaia Cassia Longina

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